Technical data (Version M)

Product name (Version M)
Dimensions 1,08 x 0,45 x 0,40 m (with handles and door)
Weight 50 kg
Noise 42 dB(A) - sound pressure level at distance of 1 meter at nominal volume flow rate
Nominal volume flow rate 600 m³/h
Max. air capacity 770 m³/h
Air exchange rate 6 x per hour in a room with a size of up to 50 m²
Power 230 Volt / 50Hz
Consumption at nominal volume flow rate 75 Watt
Filter efficiency ≥ 99.995 % of all particles including bacteria and viruses
Filter combination HEPA H14 multi-filter acc. to EN 1822 or ISO 29463 standard
Version M

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